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Finlandia facial skin scanning system

(by Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight, on October 12th, 2016 at 4:48 PM)


The photo of my face accompanying this article generated riotous laughter from some of my Georgia Straight colleagues.

One of my coworkers recommended that it go on the cover for a Halloween issue. Another wondered if I need a Botox treatment.

Hey, it’s not that bad—and later in this article, you’ll discover why.

The image was taken with a new BS-3500 facial skin scanner and analyzer system at Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre (1111 West Broadway). All I had to do was put my head on a chin rest and close my eyes. A Canon camera inside the machine took images under standard white light, polarized light, and ultraviolet light.

Finlandia’s operations and purchasing manager, Markus Guggenberger, explained that the BS-3500 enables consumers to learn how their skin can improve over time. That’s because the system offers precise measurements of moisture levels, pore sizes, wrinkles, skin roughness, spots, sensitivity, and acne.

“We save your scores,” Guggenberger said. “You can come back next time and everything will be graphed. We’ll see exactly where you were and where you are after.”

Within a few minutes of the images being taken, a software program attached to the system provides data in the form of percentages. Based on this, Finlandia’s health and beauty specialist, Tanja Salewski, will recommend products designed to address problematic areas identified by this system.

Guggenberger said that this service is being offered free of charge until the end of October.

Salewski plots the results on a chart coloured in green, yellow, and red, similar to the colours on a traffic light. When I had my skin tested, the results weren’t nearly as dreadful as my colleagues suspected.

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