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Save your Heart and say NO to statin drugs

Statin Picture

New medical evidence has surfaced showing the drug companies promoting “Statin drugs” are actually promoting something dangerous for your health. February is “Heart Health Month” and we could not keep this quiet any longer. The DVD “Statin Nation” is a shocker, and with a second updated version coming by the end of this month, you will want to get up to date to inform your doctor how much money is being wasted on these drugs at your expense…money wise and health wise. Cholesterol and the high fat diet are NOT the villains responsible for clogged arteries and heart disease. While cholesterol is the material found to help to occlude the arteries, it is not the cause! We have always thought the wrong kind of fat or too much fat clogs our arteries – current evidence does not support this thinking. The food giants will continue to try and sell you on this idea, low fat this and that is better for your health.

A quote taken from the “Open Heart journal 2015 Meta-analysis original research article” says:
“Evidence from randomized controlled trials did not support the introduction of dietary fat guidelines in 1977 and 1983: a systematic review and meta-analysis”

This is shocking, because all the stuff we have been told for years by Big Pharma about fat and cholesterol is bunk and finally a British investigative journalist and medical experts have decided to take on Big Pharma and disclose the real truth. Now pharmaceutical companies are attempting to lower the recommended safe cholesterol levels in the body. This would of course include many more people for whom physicians would recommend Statins. This is fraud, as no evidence exists to justify this and cholesterol levels are already dangerously low for maintenance of good health in other areas of the body. We need cholesterol, and once it gets too low we can start having much more serious problems. The Statin drugs alone have serious side effects on muscles and brain – effects which are often not reversible. So what can we do when even our GPs have been misinformed on this subject by the slick advertising money for over 10 years.

The pharmaceutical companies are even trying to promote Statins for cancer. A quote from a very current medical journal “American Society of Clinical Oncology -2015” says “Statins Do Not Protect Against Cancer: Quite the Opposite” this is the title of the research paper by Uffe Ravnskov, Independent Researcher, Lund, Sweden.

Finlandia Pharmacy can test your arteries with the Maxpulse test and send the results to your doctor or recommend a Naturopathic doctor for natural alternatives. If you’re taking Statins, and choose not to look at this new data you are at HIGH risk for a heart attack due to a shortage of CoEnzymeQ10 which MUST be taken with your Statin drugs. CoEnzymeQ10 can be purchased at Finlandia, your local pharmacy, or health food store. The average pharmacist may also not have seen this information and could misinform you so do your home work and get informed on whats new. The actual maxpulse test takes only 3 minutes, but if you would like to get tested, you cannot have consumed caffeine for 4 hours prior. The DVD Statin Nation or soon to be released Statin Nation II can be purchased at Finlandia or you can download them.

Harlan Lahti, BSc Pharm
Natural Pharmacist