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  • Autumn equinox herbal wisdom

    By: Courtney Carnrite, herbal technician A change of seasons is here. The butterflies and warm breezes of summer have ebbed into yellowing leaves and brisk air. It is a time when things darken and change...

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  • Are you missing a few important Back-to-School supplies?

    By: Juliette Woods, Brain State Technician Binders? Check. Paper? Check. Pens, pencils & erasers? Check. Check. Check. Black tourmaline? Check. No wait… what? Energy clearing spray? Rescue Remedy? No… Immunity glycerite? Umm… This is a school supply list right? Most definitely! OK, so you’ve got...

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  • Harvest time & wheat sensitivities

    By: Juliette Woods, BrainState Technician This first week of August has long held celebrations of the Harvest. It's a beautiful time to honour gifts of abundance, a time to reflect on accomplishments of the year gone by, the...

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  • The longest day and your sleep

    By: Juliette Woods, Brain State Technician Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice is upon us – the longest day of light in the year. Celebrations abound honouring the life-giving Sun, and monumental geological calendars...

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